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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Casting /
Casting Director

Sylvia Hutson

Telephone: 757-673-6436
Cell Phone: 757-439-7779
E-Mail: sylvia@hutsontalentagency.com
Website: aa http://www.hutsontalentagency.com

"Dismal", New Dominion Pictures, Coastal Training Technologies, NDI Group  

Karen Spencer

Telephone: 757-966-1306
E-Mail: karen@spencerandassociatesinc.com

A Haunting, Charles Barker Auto, Westin Resorts, Panera Bread, "Dismal" 

Atlantic Talent Agencies

Lead Contact: Karen Hope Whitlow Jones
Telephone: 757-966-1287
Cell Phone: 757-735-0806
E-Mail: atlantic-talent@cox.net

"Virus", "Vanishing Son" (mini-series), America's Most Wanted, Army Training Films, Coastal Training Technologies, CBN, US Coast Guard, Russian Television 

Talent Link

Lead Contact: Marsha Wulf
Telephone: 757-249-2232
E-Mail: talentlink@comcast.net
Website: aa http://www. talentlink.biz

"Bombing of the USS Cole" (ITN Factual-London), "Jamestown" (National Geographic Explorer), Auto Trader, Dollar Tree, Sentara Optima Health Care, Virginia Beach Tourism, Vitura Health, Coppos Films, Bridge Productions 

Henry Jaderlund


Telephone: 757.813.4300
E-Mail: jaderlund@aol.com

Credits include: The Box, John Adams, The Assassination of George Washington  

Casting VA

Telephone: 757.813.7189
E-Mail: info@castingva.com