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Canon ITS has shown it’s support of the film & television industry in Hampton Roads. Please consider Canon for your equipment needs. www.usa.canon.com
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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Camera Department /
Still Photographer

Jeanne Marie Liggio

Telephone: 757-270-6240
E-Mail: jmliggio@gmail.com

Derek Brooks

Telephone: 757-229-7511
E-Mail: dlbstnt@aol.com

Jeff Edney

Telephone: 757-490-0232
Cell Phone: 757-373-3364
E-Mail: MyFault1@excite.com
Website: aa http://www.bellypainter.com

Tess Amoruso

Telephone: 757-563-0762
Cell Phone: 757-575-8569

Coastal Training Technologies 

Angela D Forest

Telephone: 757-595-0352
Cell Phone: 757-824-7163
E-Mail: runcat_7@hotmail.com

Joel Becker

Cell Phone: 757-270-1235
E-Mail: joelbecker@cox.net

Cathy Dixon

Telephone: 757-588-8689
Cell Phone: 757-377-0325

Joseph Jorge

Telephone: 757-513-9486
E-Mail: joseph@jorgephotography.com

Ronald Atkinson

Telephone: 757-427-6091
Cell Phone: 757-754-3303

"Cradle of Genius", "Standing in the Gap", "Red Card" 

Cathy L. Johnson

Telephone: 757-569-8122

"Miss Hampton/Newport News Pageant 2002", "Miss Teen & Pre-Teen Virginia America 2004", "Christmas Spectacular (Operation Smile) 

Antony Platt

Telephone: 757-627-9729
E-Mail: bluethn@cox.net

"Mickey", "Boys on the Run" 

Heather Jones

Hampton Roads, VA

Telephone: 757 469-6087
E-Mail: hn.photography@yahoo.com

HN Photography

Hampton Roads, VA

Lead Contact: Heather Jones
Telephone: 757 469-6087
E-Mail: hn.photography@yahoo.com

Lorimar Keffalas

Telephone: 757.214.3881
E-Mail: lkeffalas@gmail.com

FHM UK, headshots