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Canon ITS has shown it’s support of the film & television industry in Hampton Roads. Please consider Canon for your equipment needs. www.usa.canon.com
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Production Company - HiDef

Dominion Productions

Lead Contact: Kevin O'Sullivan
Telephone: 757-424-4523
E-Mail: dominionproductions@yahoo.com
Website: aa http://www.dominionproductions.tv

"Allen Iverson" (CNN/Sports Illustrated), "Terrorist War", ABC, NBC, FOx, "Chris Hollingsworth Goes Flying in an F14 (FoxSports), "Band Aid Bandit" (America's Most Wanted), "Black Employees Conference" (Xerox) 

Metro Productions

Lead Contact: Jim Meehan, Jim Miller, John Stout
Telephone: 757-726-0877
Fax: 757-726-0876
E-Mail: contactmetro@metro-productions.com
Website: aa http://www.metro-productions.com

U.S. Army, Bernard HODES Group, Cannon USA, Dept of Health & Human Services, General Dynamics, Historic Annapolis Foundation, Northrop Grumman, Philip Morris USA, U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Coprs (ROTC), Volvo 

WHRO Enterprise Services

Lead Contact: Theresa Sarapata, Director of TV Operations
Telephone: 757-889-9348
Cell Phone: 757-889-9400
Fax: 757-489-0007
Website: aa http://www.whro.org/enterpriseservices

"Civil War in Hampton Roads"