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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Sound /
Location Sound Recordist/Mixer

Kenneth Altman

Cell Phone: 757-343-9837
E-Mail: filmmakerken@cox.net

"Soulmate", "Toward the Sunrise", "Cradle of Genius" 

Ashley Zahorian

Telephone: 757-619-0061
E-Mail: azahorian@radford.edu

Jay Meagher, C.A.S.

Telephone: 757-435-3523
Cell Phone: 310-345-0027

"The Number 23" (New Line), "Resurrecting the Champ" (Paramount), "Runaway Jury" (Fox) 

Randy Pease

Telephone: 757-430-1097

Tiger Woods Foundation, The New Detectives (Discovery Channel - series), Virginia Lottery 

Rebecca Rhode

Telephone: 757-850-4831
Cell Phone: 757-846-3374
E-Mail: nondrop@earthlink.net

NASA, Biography (A*E), HGTV, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, CNN, "Access Hollywood", "Thunder Over Reno", Fox News Network 

Jacob Tirey

Telephone: 757-420-6274
Cell Phone: 757-395-9292

"Sweet Good Fortune", "Royal Kill", "Godfather Death" 

Robin Watkins

Cell Phone: 757-323-4086
E-Mail: robin@sylentroar.com

Charles White

Telephone: 757-784-0028
E-Mail: charles@intheglen.com

Indy Race Coverage (ESPN), LPGA Coverage (The Golf Channel), Operation Homecoming (TLC) 

Noble Creek, Inc.

Lead Contact: Mike Puckett C.A.S.
Telephone: 757.229.0835
Cell Phone: 757.897.9806
E-Mail: noblecreek@cox.net

A Haunting - Discovery Channel John Adams Mini Series - HBO Football America - NFL Films Throw Down with Bobby Flay - The Food Network Boys of Company H - Discovery HD