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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Grip /

James Dombey

Telephone: 757-652-5150
E-Mail: coldonefordaddy@yahoo.com

A Haunting- Discovery Channel, "Dismal"- 1944 Films, "The New World"- Panavision, "Evan Almighty"- Paramount Pictures, "Disconnected (Pretzels & Pills)- Cavalier Films  

Douglas Cordonier

Cell Phone: 757-729-0299
E-Mail: dougiec3003@cox.net

The Wire- HBO, "Step Up", "The Visiting", A Haunting- Discovery Channel, "Evan Almighty"- Paramount Pictures  

Julian Porter Jr.

Telephone: 757-513-5104
Cell Phone: 757-544-1136
E-Mail: young-jporter@hotmail.com

New Dominion Pictures, New Deal, Coastal Training Technologies, Commander in Chief, Disconnected 

Tommy Brown

Telephone: 757-962-2856
Cell Phone: 757-288-7773
E-Mail: tommycafe.13@earthlink.net

"John Adams", "XXX2 - State of the Union", "Syriana", Commander in Chief, "Case for X-Spiritual Journey of 20-somethings"  

Oscar L Quiambao

Telephone: 757-962-7032
Cell Phone: 757-286-3425
E-Mail: oscar.q@cox.net

A Haunting- New Dominion Pictures, Coastal Training Technologies, "Lost Letters"- CBN 

Chuck Jennings

Telephone: 757-587-4753
Cell Phone: 757-287-0968
E-Mail: CJ2112@cox.net

"Lost Letters of Faith", "House of Fallen", Coastal Training Technologies, Metro Video, Legacy Communications 

Jon Plante

Telephone: 757-482-1209
Cell Phone: 757-535-1306
E-Mail: jono80@aol.com

Nick Ramsey

Telephone: 757-499-7202
Cell Phone: 757-362-7342
E-Mail: nams002@odu.edu

Televideo Productions 

Susy Dodson

Telephone: 757-851-9508
Cell Phone: 757-636-8215
E-Mail: andicrey@hotmail.com

Regent University Student Films 

Wes Bailey

Cell Phone: 757-576-8568
E-Mail: wesbailey14@cox.net

"Commander in Chief" 

Jason Emory

Telephone: 757-549-7965
Cell Phone: 757-373-3140

Commander in Chief, "The New World" 

Christopher Carpenter

Cell Phone: 757-469-1483

"Commander in Chief" 

Kevin Brooks

Cell Phone: 757-761-3880

New Dominion Pictures "The New Detectives", "The FBI Files" 

Cloud 9 Cranes

Lead Contact: Russell G. Senato
Telephone: 757-425-0013
Cell Phone: 757-439-2136
Fax: 757-425-0670
E-Mail: cloud9cranes@aol.com
Website: aa http://www.cloud9cranes.com

"Tom Clancy's Net Force" (ABC), "Legacy" (UPN), "The Sea Raiders" (TBS), "Wicked Spring", HBO, Busch Gardens, Cinemax, Virginia Lottery, National Geographic, History Channel 

Josh Cross

Telephone: 757-450-9117
E-Mail: jcross1@cox.net

"War of the Worlds", Commander in Chief 

Neil Grochmal

Cell Phone: 757-323-3055

Coastal Training Technologies, Do or Die & R. Kelley (music video), "Stray" (feature) 

Brent Hobin

Telephone: 757-724-6232
E-Mail: brenthobin2000@yahoo.com

"War of the Worlds", "The New World", "Minority Report" 

Julio Ibanez

Cell Phone: 757-618-3184
E-Mail: juliiba@regent.edu

Coastal Training Technologies, The Power of Freedom-Angola in August (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir performance, live) 

Rob Lorkiewicz

Telephone: 757-61-8332
Cell Phone: 757-403-0761
E-Mail: lork99@aol.com

US Army, Marriott Vacation Club, The History Channel, Department of Health & Human Servies, New York Yankees, Colonial Williamsburg, Blackwater USA 

Ed Tworek

Telephone: 1-866-303-9466
Cell Phone: 757-572-2144
Fax: 757-482-0168
E-Mail: ed@corpvid.com
Website: aa http://www.corpvid.com

Ozark Film and Video Productions, McDonald's, Anixter International, Sears, Konatsu, Big Shoulders Productions, Oprah Winfrey Show, Motor Sports Unlimited 

Charles White

Telephone: 757-784-0028
E-Mail: charles@intheglen.com

Brent Matejcek

Telephone: 757-422-2476

Ben Minter

Telephone: 757-583-2996

Russell Senato

Telephone: 757-425-0113

Tim Wicks

Telephone: 757-422-3596

David Almeleh

Telephone: 757-622-8375

Ray Brown

Telephone: 757-986-3433