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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Camera Department /
Camera Operator - Video

Michael Stahl

Telephone: 757-450-7019
E-Mail: mstahl@whitestonepictures.com

Coastal Training Technologies, "Long Black Line", Neptune Doc, "Lost Letters of Faith"  

Jon Plante

Telephone: 757-535-1306
E-Mail: jono80@aol.com

Nick Ramsey

Telephone: 757-499-7202
Cell Phone: 757-362-7342
E-Mail: nams002@odu.edu

Televideo Productions 

Leonard E Sivells

Telephone: 757-448-8205
E-Mail: seveeze@yahoo.com

Franklin Whitaker

Telephone: 757-484-1254
Cell Phone: 757-685-2609
E-Mail: frankdo3837@yahoo.com

Justin Hoisington

Telephone: 757-642-3337
E-Mail: just-in-timeVA@hotmail.com

Ashley Zahorian

Telephone: 757-619-0061
E-Mail: azahorian@radford.edu

Joshua Mims

Telephone: 757-320-7321
E-Mail: joshmims@yahoo.com

"Ex-Mas Eve", "My Buddy and Me", "A Night's Work" 

Ryan Bedell

Telephone: 757-564-6164
Cell Phone: 757-784-0048

"Heaven and Hell", "The Raven" 

Jacin Buchanan

Telephone: 757-679-6604
E-Mail: jacin.buchanan@newdominion.com

"A Haunting" (Discovery Channel), "The FBI Files" (The Discovery Channel), "Psychic Investigators" (TLC) 

Gregory Carter

Telephone: 757-440-7908


Dominion Productions

Lead Contact: Kevin O'Sullivan
Telephone: 757-424-4523
E-Mail: dominionproductions@yahoo.com
Website: aa http://www.dominionproductions.tv

"Dr. Phil", C-Span, "Whitney Houston in Concert" (HBO), HBO Boxing, Showtime Boxing, "Oprah Winfrey Show", "20/20", "Nightline", "World News Tonight" 

Samuel Field

Telephone: 757-560-0369
E-Mail: swfifield@yahoo.com
Website: aa http://www.sfifieldenterprises.com

"The Judds "Power to Change" tour, Backstreet Boys world tour 2001, Springsteen's "The Rising" tour, "Iron Jawed Angels" (HBO), Metallica's "Summer Sanitarium" tour, Ringo Starr and The Allstar Band, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel 

HisVision Productions

Lead Contact: Nathan Smith
Telephone: 757-965-6295
Cell Phone: 757-406-8247
Website: aa http://www.hisvision.net

"Dateline NBC", "20/20", "Nightline", "Good Morning America", "World News Tonight", "The Early Show", Discovery Health, "Oprah", "Dr. Phil", "America's Most Wanted" 

Amy Hoover

Telephone: 757-850-0292
E-Mail: filmbuff66@yahoo.com

Professional Media Artists 

Fred L. Huffman Jr.

Telephone: 757-877-4580
E-Mail: infilm919@aol.com

Gaylord Entertainment, "Dorothy Hamill's Ice Capades" (Family Channel), Walt Disney 

Joel Becker

Telephone: 757-270-1235
E-Mail: joelbecker@cox.net

Remtech Services Training Videos, NESC/NASA, Centers for Medicare/Medicaid 

Steve Kondracki

Telephone: 757-533-9205
Cell Phone: 757-287-4929
E-Mail: stevekondracki@hotmail.com

"Good Morning America", "Oprah", "Designer Challenge" (HGTV), "UNC Women's Basketball (KTV), "Inside Edition", "Imus on MSNBC" (Live remote broadcast), "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" (PBS), "Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon" (Fox Sports) 

Rob Lorkiewicz

Telephone: 757-631-8332
Cell Phone: 757-403-0761
E-Mail: lork99@aol.com

Marriott Vacation Club, US Army ROTC, NASA, Colonial Williamsburg, Norfolk International Airport, Ferguson Enterprises, RIverside Hospital 

K. Michael O'Neal

Telephone: 757-490-9680
Cell Phone: 757-581-6247

"New Detectives" (Discovery Channel), "700 Club Features" (CBN), "La Vida Dura" (World Reach International), 

Rebecca Rhode

Telephone: 757-850-4831
Cell Phone: 757-846-3374

"Roses Garden" (Independent Film), Supercuts, The Discovery Channel 

Jay Sanchez

Cell Phone: 757-478-6340
E-Mail: Jay@pinoproductions.com

PBS, KXAN (Austin, TX) 

Sheldon Hawkins

Chesapeake, VA

Telephone: 757.463.8376
Cell Phone: 757.466.1960
E-Mail: victorstrange@yahoo.com

Nick Ramsey

Telephone: 757.362.7342
E-Mail: flashfireproductions@cox.net

Driveing Distractions, Targeted Publications and Media marketing video, Bon Secour's Medical Minutes Talk Show 

Phillip Wright

Telephone: 757-627-9996
Cell Phone: 757-435-7646
E-Mail: philwrightdp@gmail.com
Website: aa http://www.philwrightdp.com

IATSE 600 National Lampoon, Sony Pictures, “Pucked” (B Camera); Eggleston Pictures, “Nick, Luke & Linda” (Director of Photography); Sony Pictures, “Rachel Getting Married” (Additional Camera); King World Productions, “Inside Edition Show” (Director of Photography); Tribune Broadcasting (Lighting Designer for HD)