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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Camera Department /
Camera Operator - HiDef

Jean-Guy Bureau

Telephone: 757-617-2552
Cell Phone: 757-617-0812

Discovery Channel, "Dismal" (feature), ABC Family 

David Haycox

Telephone: 757-422-1400
Cell Phone: 757-695-1400

"World Poker Showdown" (Bad Beat Productions), "Ghost Stories", "Linc's" (TV) 

Dominion Productions

Lead Contact: Kevin O'Sullivan
Telephone: 757-424-4523
E-Mail: dominionproductions@yahoo.com
Website: aa http://www.dominionproductions.tv

ABC Sports-Ice Skating Profiles, "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC), Allen Iverson/CNN-NBA documentary, US Navy, HBO Boxing, Showtime Boxing, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Keith Ablow 

Jacin Buchanan

Telephone: 757-679-6604
E-Mail: jacin.buchanan@newdominion.com

"A Haunting" (Discovery Channel), "The FBI Files" (The Discovery Channel), "Psychic Investigators" (TLC) 

Glen Mason

Telephone: 757.692.8614
E-Mail: gmason@rightanglemediainc.com

The First Kiss, Saving America's Boy,  

Phillip Wright

Telephone: 757-627-9996
Cell Phone: 757-435-7646
E-Mail: philwrightdp@gmail.com
Website: aa http://www.philwrightdp.com

IATSE 600 National Lampoon, Sony Pictures, “Pucked” (B Camera); Eggleston Pictures, “Nick, Luke & Linda” (Director of Photography); Sony Pictures, “Rachel Getting Married” (Additional Camera); King World Productions, “Inside Edition Show” (Director of Photography); Tribune Broadcasting (Lighting Designer for HD)