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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Category:   Production Staff & Technical Crews / Production Staff /
Production Assistant - Set

Jason Kypros

Telephone: 818-822-2215
E-Mail: sonkyp@cox.net

New Dominion Pictures, Coastal, Actor - "Midey", Stand-Up Comedian 

Jennifer Bright

Telephone: 757-966-7794
Cell Phone: 757-621-0714
E-Mail: jenniferbright001@yahoo.com

New Dominion Pictures 

Nora Minnich

Cell Phone: 757-642-6222
E-Mail: noraminnich@hotmail.com

"Dismal"- 1944 Films, A Haunting- Discovery Channel, Psychic Witness- TLC, FedEx Commercial- MJZ Films, Lockheed Martin Commercial- MRB Films 

Matt Katherman

Cell Phone: 757-615-2808
E-Mail: mattkatherman@hotmail.com

A Haunting- Discovery Channel, Psychic Witness- TLC, FBI FIles- Discovery Channel, Lockheed Martin Commercial- MRB FIlms 

Elizabeth Boyle

Telephone: 757-686-1246
Cell Phone: 757-535-2012
E-Mail: eab56@cornell.edu

New Dominion Pictures, Panera Bread Photo Shoot, "Dismal"- 1944 Films 

Keith Jackson

Telephone: 757-627-4372
Cell Phone: 757-337-9227
E-Mail: kajahstephens@yahoo.com

A Haunting- Discovery Channel, FBI Files- Discovery Channel, Interpol Investigates- National Geographic Channel, "Throwing Stars", Lockheed Martin Commercial- MRB FIlms  

Oscar L Quiambao

Telephone: 757-962-7032
Cell Phone: 757-286-3425
E-Mail: oscar.q@cox.net

A Haunting- New Dominion Pictures, Coastal Training Technologies, "Lost Letters"- CBN 

Nick Ramsey

Telephone: 757-499-7202
Cell Phone: 757-362-7342
E-Mail: nams002@odu.edu

Televideo Productions 

Leonard E Sivells

Telephone: 757-448-8205
E-Mail: seveeze@yahoo.com

Steven C. Tepe

Cell Phone: 757-470-9588
E-Mail: stevenctepe@aol.com

Bon Securs Medical Center (commercial), "Mission Impossible III", "Monkey in the Middle" 

Law Watford

Cell Phone: 757-218-8985
E-Mail: law@lawvillesolutions.com

"The New World", "Mission Impossible III", "The Good Shepard" 

Robin Copeland

Telephone: 757-469-3977

Debbie Hanson

Telephone: 757.548.2692
Cell Phone: 757.334.6688
E-Mail: dehans73@cox.net

Credits: Ameristyle Otto Studios Mark Atkinson Photography 

Chakriya Ker

Cell Phone: 972.859.0725
E-Mail: ck545@hotmail.com

Pop School (Oxygen) Marriage Boot Camp (TLC) Bodog Battle of the Bands (Fuse) From the Top (PBS) 

John Pycior

Telephone: 757 481-9603
Cell Phone: 757 729-2603
E-Mail: jpycior@cox.net

Keenya Thomas

Norfolk, VA

Telephone: 757.589.5503
Cell Phone: 757.581.8174
E-Mail: kthom070@odu.edu

Experience in editing, script-revision, lighting and camera operation 

Devonna Dickey

Virginia Beach

Cell Phone: 740.412.3189
E-Mail: devonnadickey@yahoo.com

48 Hour Film Project-"Forget Me Not" 

Mike Horton

Virginia Beach, VA

Cell Phone: 757.284.4089
E-Mail: mike.horton@verizon.net

US Navy Training Video Black Street Music Video P.O.D. Music Video 

Bradford Davis

Norfolk, VA

Cell Phone: 757.214.4191
E-Mail: bradfordadavis@yahoo.com

The Box - Darko Entertainment Haunting - Discovery Channel Psychic Witness - TLC FBI Files - Discovery Channel John Abams - HBO The Biggest Loser - NBC 

Karen Oberthal

Telephone: 757-625-1065
Cell Phone: 757-404-4138
E-Mail: Karenoberthal@aol.com

Allison Joyce

Chesapeake, VA

Telephone: 757.309.6177
Cell Phone: 757.961.3283
E-Mail: allisonjoyce@netzero.com