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Hampton Roads Film Office
430 World Trade Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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The Hampton Roads Film Office...

July 22nd, 2013

...is no longer funded by local or state government (including the Virginia Film Office). It is no longer a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). As of September 30th the Hampton Roads Partnership will dissolve and we will no longer have that affiliation.

What we are is, a volunteer organization, helping to create jobs and bring much needed economic dollars into the Hampton Roads Region. Thanks to Grow Interactive, we are able to keep our website up and running. The Production Guide is outdated and will shortly be removed. All crew members should contact the Virginia Film Office @ 800.854.6233 to find out how to be listed in the Mid-Atlantic and Virginia State production directories.

We will continue to promote local production crew as the #1 resource to production companies coming in from out of our area. Hampton Roads has some of the best crew and locations in the state, and we are proud to show them off.

If you have any questions about this office, please contact W Jeffery Frizzell @ 757.943.0993 or fortyfour@cox.net. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE AFCI or THE STATE of VIRGINIA FILM OFFICE, while we try to help the state office promote this region, we are not a part of that office, nor the AFCI.